Four new social networks we should be aware of…

We live in times where the arrival of a new social network is a daily occurrence, but not all of them make a lasting impact. Here’s our rundown on four new platforms that could make waves in 2012…

Pinterest acts as a virtual pinboard, where users can collate content that interests them and share it. They can create multiple boards and even allow others to contribute. At the moment there are few businesses on Pinterest, as the site does not allow explicit corporate promotion, however, we are seeing some inventive ways around this, as explained in this article.


Still a very small social network, with just over 1 million users, Path is designed for sharing with only close friends and family (it has a 150 friend limit). It is only available on mobile.

Google Schemer

Schemer is a new platform developed by Google to integrate with Google+; it is designed to enable users to share and discover things to do. In other words, it allows them to organise and take part in activities or as Google brands them, ‘schemes’. It is currently available only by invite.


Uberlife aims to help people organise local hangouts. A user can share where and when they wish to hang out within their local community, and then join other hangout nearby.

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