2012: What’s going to happen?

Before we work out what’s going to happen in 2012, let’s briefly recap the world of marketing in 2011…

Damian Radcliffe neatly sums up the movements across various local media platforms, discussing the potential growth of local television and radio, and specifically the tremendous increase in online local newspaper presence. An interesting highlight is perhaps the little known Guardian ‘N0tices’ website, which acts as an online community notice board, and could potentially be a useful tool if more people were aware of it.

Another great recap is provided by Digital Buzz Blog, which focuses on the massive growth in social media during the year, taking statistics from MediaBistro. Noteworthy points include that 56% of consumers say they would recommend a brand after becoming a fan on Facebook, although auto-posting by brands tends to decrease interaction by 70%.  Also only 15% of a local business’ fans tend to be from the city of the business. Finally, it tells us about the tremendous growth of mobile – 4.8billion people own a mobile, compared to 4.2 who own a toothbrush.

And if you don’t want to look at nice charts, you can watch a nice video on 2011 social media usage instead…


So what do bloggers think about 2012? Here’s one highlight each from a few of our favourite blogs on 2012 marketing trends.

Streetfight: 6 trends that will impact hyperlocal in 2012

The growth of content based sharing as opposed to focusing on specific social networks; in other words, sharing across many different social media platforms will become connected through topics such as sport and culture.

Streetfight: Hyperlocal Execs 2012 Predictions

A discussion of how daily deals may or may not disappear (most likely the latter) in order to be replaced by more functional location built services that help build loyalty.

Logic + Emotion: Six Social Media Trends for 2012

The growth of individual influence will become key with businesses needing to identify, target and reward people that carry large social influence in order to use them as a tool for their brand.

CIPR: Top 12 Digital Predictions for 2012 by Millward Brown

An important future trend highlighted here, and in many of the other blogs, is ‘gamification’, which refers to the application of game design and mechanics, such as rewards, to brand tools. The suggestion presented here is that for this to truly work it must become integrated with social networking.

CIPR: 14 essential stats from the latest UK social media research to help benchmark your planning

According to the Royal Bank of Scotland, 87% of UK businesses will invest more in social media in 2012. In addition, 2.6million people joined the top 20 retail pages on Facebook in the last six months.


First of all, thank you Mr, Ghassan for the wonderful assay and great, new, and crvtaiee oriented idea, and as i understood from your meaningful words that Social Entrepreneurship is more of an Idea than actual application with rules and headlines.what I ment is that this concept can be applicable in all, and i mean ALL ways of social, commercial, public, & private.Thank you again Sir for your inspiring words and continuing effort to set an example for all of us.